everything about the spicy world

Health benefits of Heat

Spices have been part of our meals for years, although their use is partly conditioned[...]

Types of hot chilies

Capsicum is the plant of a thousand names, but it is commonly known as Chile,[...]

Scoville Scale

What is the Scoville Scale? The Scoville scale indicates the level of spiciness of chillies.[...]

Spice revolution

We want to change the rules! There are many myths about the use of spice,[...]

Agricultural origin

At Doctor Salsas we have been growing our own chillies for over 12 years. One[...]

Carlos Carvajal an American in Granada

Meet Carlos Carvajal, our “Doctor Salsas”. With a mother from Granada and a father from[...]

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The spicy revolution starts here

Jalapeño Hot Sauce
150 Ml


Infierno Hot Sauce
150 Ml


Chipotle Potato Chips
120 Gr


Chipotle Peanuts
100 Gr



Tomato Tartar with Jalapeño Sauce

Heat and cold in this fun tomato tartar. If you are tired of the typical[...]

Marinated Chicken Tacos with Pineapple and Jalapeño Sauce

If you are beginner in the world of spice, this is the recipe for you![...]

Pulled Chicken Burger with Chipotle Sauce

Go for the spicy flavour bomb! Tired of the classic burger? Today we propose an[...]

Spicy Stuffed Potatoes with Carolina Reaper Sauce

Today’s recipe is here to turn the table upside down. Do you dare to cook[...]

Patatas Bravas with Habanero Sauce

Bravissimo potatoes for a daring snack! There’s nothing better than some patatas bravas to warm[...]

Chicken Lasagne with Chipotle Sauce

No main course for your Christmas dinner? We offer you this flavour bomb. A new[...]