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Health benefits of Heat

Spices have been part of our meals for years, although their use is partly conditioned by culture and the country we come from.

In cultures such as Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Thai or Japanese, chillies and hot spices are not only essential for cooking, but they also know and apply the health properties of heat.

As at Doctor Salsas we are here to change the rules of the world of spice, we can’t do it without sharing the endless health benefits of capsaicin.

Capsaicin is an active component present in Capsicum (popularly known as capsicum, chilli or chili) that stimulates the heat receptor of the skin, causing the sensation of heat on our taste buds.

In reality, heat is not a flavour. We do not pick it up with the sense of taste but with the thermal receptors in the skin, called nociceptors.

carlos carvajal

We are becoming increasingly aware of foods that have thousands of health benefits and actually eating spicy food is beneficial and can improve our wellbeing.

There are many people who cannot have salt, as it is harmful for people with high blood pressure or heart and circulatory system issues. Hot spices and sauces are perfect to use as a salt substitute to add flavour and bite to our food.

– Helps improve digestion
– It is antibacterial and antiseptic.
– It is an anti-inflammatory at an arterial level and activates circulation.
– Promote better control of high blood pressure.
– Activates the sympathetic nervous system, releasing endorphins and dopamine, converting it into a natural painkiller
– It is an activator of energy metabolism. Certain spices activate one of the key enzymes in the regulation of metabolism and energy control.
– Helps regulate blood sugar levels