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Pasties with Jalapeño Sauce

You’re at home, you fancy cooking some pasties, but you want to give them an original touch… with Dr. Salsas we make it easy for you, just a touch of Dr. Salsas Jalapeño Sauce and they’ll be to die for!
Are you daring but not that daring? This is your ideal recipe! Salsa Jalapeño, the ideal salsa for those wishing to venture for the first time into the world of spice.
Dare to try it!

Doctor Salsas Jalapeño Sauce
● 16 rounds of pastry for pasties
● 250 g beef
● 1 spring onion
● 2 cloves garlic
● 1 tomato, 2 eggs
● 50 g pitted green olives
● Extra virgin olive oil
● Pepper
● Parsley or coriander


  • Step:1

Sauté garlic and spring onions in a frying pan with olive oil. Add pepper to the minced meat, add it to the frying pan and sauté. Add green olives and Dr. Salsas Jalapeño Sauce, super fresh and tasty, crushed tomato and parsley or coriander.

  • Step:2

Lay out the pastry rounds on a smooth surface. Fill and close by pressing the edges with a fork. Brush with beaten egg and bake at 180ºC for 15 minutes.

  • Step:3